Green Building Features

One aspect often overlooked by many businesses is the ability to lower operating cost in the new facility. J&S Construction wants to encourage your facility to consider energy-efficient construction ideas. Most companies can provide you with a list of energy-efficient ideas to implement in your building. Have they installed these systems? Do they know what the actual savings will be for you? At J&S Construction, we are a believer in Energy-Efficient Construction, and have incorporated the following suggestions into buildings we own and operate.

We also know the value of providing an energy-efficient healthy building. The following pages highlight some of the energy-efficient and healthier alternatives J&S Construction wants to implement at your facility. These alternatives range from a copper coating on all door fixtures, which help reduce germs, to high efficiency lighting with a titanium dioxide coating to kill airborne germs. We have invested our own money into these technologies and many have been incorporated into our new office building. The following ideas could help lower your overall utility usage by 30 percent. Some of the energy-efficient products we want to incorporate include:

Spray in Foam Insulation:

We wish to incorporate spray open-cell polyurethane foam insulation. It is sprayed on and expands 120 to 1 filling cracks, voids, crevices and building cavities. It is as efficient as typical insulation and it reduces air infiltration and sound transmission from exterior noises.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Advantages:

  • Lower Energy Costs
    • The number one reason people invest in insulation is to save money on heating and cooling a building. The U.S. Department of Energy states that 40 percent of the energy in a building can be saved by sealing air leaks.
  • More Comfortable
    • A building without air seeping through it is much more comfortable. First, it retains the conditioned air that you set on your thermostat. So, your thermostat no longer says 70 degrees in the winter as you shiver with drafts and wear long sleeves because it feels like 50 degrees. Second, drafts are distinctly annoying and noticeable. Cold floors are not very pleasant – just imagine if your floors actually were room temperature. Visitors would also notice your building is draft free.
  • Mold/Moisture
    • Slime and grime is what every owner fears. Mold destroys an owner’s value and can be very expensive to remediate. It is also a significant health risk and can force people to move out of a building while still having to pay the rent/mortgage. Mold comes from moisture that cannot escape. A properly sealed and insulated building resists mold because moisture does not infiltrate. Better yet, by using an SPF insulation, you eliminate the issue of moisture retention because of the fact that the cells are so tightly packed together.

Total Cost over the First 40 Years of a new Facility*

  • 75% Maintenance upkeep and repairs
  • 14% Finance costs and interest
  • Only 11% Initial Construction Costs