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Location: Cookeville, Tenn.
Complete: May 2017
Owner: Ficosa North America

Ficosa North America Additions

J&S Construction has completed several contracts for Ficosa North America’s Cookeville facility, the most recently completed project being a 4,800 square-foot, Design-Build addition. This addition houses additional equipment associated with Ficosa's die cast operations.  

The addition blends with the existing facility, a 270,000 square-foot manufacturing plant which was unveiled to the public in October 2016. The exterior finishes and roof height were designed to match the current elevations by using a mixture of painted, split-face masonry and standard metal building siding.

The interior space required the extension of crane rails and beams to accommodate the overhead crane that was located in the main facility.

At the floor level, a series of trenches were added that primarily allow the electrical requirements to be distributed as needed to equipment. New ventilation equipment was also installed in coordination with the requirements of the new die cast machines.

Construction occurred during normal working hours and crews had to ensure work did not disrupt the ongoing operations. Given the project scheduling restraints, the Design-Build process allowed construction to start much sooner than the alternative Design-Bid-Build method, allowing J&S Construction to meet the strict scheduling requirements.

Other projects J&S Construction has completed for Ficosa North America’s largest and most technologically advanced U.S. facility include: modifications to the dock area to improve truck access; installation of a new modular break room within the facility; and installation of a new fence at the outdoor break area.