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Location: Overton County, Tenn.
Complete: April 2016
Owner: Tennessee Department of General Services

Standing Stone State Park Dam Repairs

J&S Construction was pleased to return to Standing Stone State Park, a popular retreat located in Overton County and fixed upon the eastern section of the Highland Rim. J&S Construction completed a $789,916 contract with the Tennessee Department of General Services to complete some repairs on the Standing Stone State Park Dam.

The scope of work included in this 180-day contract was multifaceted and consisted of the replacement of the spillway channel lining, the repair of the drawdown valve and operator, installation of a new drawdown pipe inlet screen, architectural detailing of select portions of the spillway channel lining and grout injection to minimize leaking around the dam structure.

Logistically, all work was required to be conducted concurrently with ongoing park operations. The trails, picnic shelters and surrounding attractions were to remain accessible during construction. Communication with the local park authorities as well as state officials was imperative to the project’s success.

Looking back, this site holds historical significance for J&S Construction. More than 70 years ago, Pat Stites, father of J&S Construction founder, John D. Stites, worked on the job and supplied materials to help construct the dam. Later, in the mid-1970s, J&S Construction received the award for a project requiring major renovations to the park. This was the first contract in company history to exceed $1 million in total project value.

“This site has had a real personal connection with us to be able to keep the same job in the family for that long,” said Jack Stites, J&S Construction CEO. “We take a lot of pride in that job. We always look forward to working on a project that holds such historical value for the company.”