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LEED GOLD -- cert_mark_gold_gray.jpg

  • LEED for Homes awarded June 2012

  • First LEED certified Independent Care Facility in Tennessee  

News Release
Stones River Manor finishes expansion

Stones River Manor goes green, gets gold

Design Cost Data - Stones River Manor Apartment Complex

Location: Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Size: 7,500 sq. ft.
Complete: December 2011
Owner: Stones River Manor

Stones River Manor

LEED Gold Certified (View Credits)

2012-2013 Utility Comparison (Click Here)

J&S Construction completed work on the Stones River Manor Independent Living Facility located in Murfreesboro, Tenn. This $1.2 million addition to the faith-based, not-for-profit senior living organization was designed and built to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The project is the FIRST LEED certified independent care facility in Tennessee.  

J&S Construction designed and built the project to meet LEED for Homes requirements and received LEED Gold Certification June 2012. The 7,500 square-foot, nine-unit addition includes energy efficiencies such as spray foam insulation, Energy Star® windows, Energy Star® appliances, compact fluorescent lighting, reduced envelope leakage rates and insulated duct in unconditioned spaces. In addition to being LEED certified, all nine units are Energy Star Certified. 

“Stones River Manor is committed to excellence in the services we provide, a commitment that J&S shares, which is reflected in the quality of their work,” said Kirkland Mason, administrator and CEO of Stones River Manor.

In addition to the energy savings, the project focused on water efficiency, indoor air quality, types of materials used, as well as thoughtful land use and landscaping. Other environmentally friendly features of the project include:

  • 40% of the Construction Waste being diverted from landfill and was recycled;
  • The utilization of drought-resistant plants for landscaping;
  • The project being designed so that at least 70% of the buildable land, not including area under the roof, is permeable;
  • The framing waste factor for this project being limited to less than 10;
  • This project being located within ½ mile of 14 community resources.

As part of the LEED for Homes program, each unit was inspected and tested by independent third parties to ensure all requirements were met. The building committee for Stones River Manor originally requested LEED Silver Certification, but J&S Construction used its expertise in energy-efficient design and construction to build and certify the project as LEED Gold Certified with no additional costs to the owners.

This project was designed to be 29% more efficient than the current code requirements. The project was also built with durability by focusing on reducing the effects of water and moisture, reducing air infiltration, reducing the risks from pests, reducing heat loss and ultraviolet radiation and reducing the effects of natural disasters. Some of these strategies included vapor retarder under the slab, exhausting fans in all bathrooms and kitchen to the exterior, foam being filled around exterior windows, exterior doors and other exterior building penetrations, separating all wood to concrete connections, and installing rafter tie hurricane clips at all wall to rafter connections.

J&S Construction competed with four other construction companies and was selected primarily because of its long term history of delivering buildings on time and on budget and its proven expertise in green building LEED construction experience.