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LEED Silver -- cert_mark_silv_gray.jpg

LEED for Core and Shell awarded March 2009

News Release
Cookeville boosts first LEED commercial site

J&S receives LEED certificate

Location: Cookeville, Tenn.
Size: 62,400 sq. ft.
Complete: 2006
Owner: Times Square Retail Center

Times Square

LEED Silver Certified (View Credits) 

Times Square was built using J&S Construction's design-build approach to construction. J&S Construction led a team of architects and engineers for LEED certification in energy use, lighting, water and material use, as well as incorporating a variety of other sustainable strategies. It was the first retail strip center in the state of Tennessee to receive a LEED Silver Certification by USGBC.

Each floor provides 32,000 square feet of space, with 20 individual bays for commercial tenants. The design-build team developed the idea to use the fire protection water mains as part of a closed loop heating and cooling system, similar to a geothermal design. This allows for future expansion as each bay is occupied.

When the building was constructed, 50 percent of the waste that would normally go to a landfill was recycled. Other green features include a chilled water system which serves to cool the air going through the air conditioning, as well as being used in the sprinkler systems. This assisted in the elimination of extra piping; there are low-flow fixtures in the bathroom/shower for employee use. The facility also includes a bike rack to encourage staff members to bike to work instead of using pollution-emitting vehicles.

To save money on cooling during the summer months and also to help reduce the heat island effect, the roof of the building was made out of material that reflects sunlight, a large percentage of the other materials used in this building were manufactured and processed regionally, saving on energy costs associated with transporting materials over long distance.