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Location: Elberta, Ala.
Size: 2,800 sq. ft.
Complete: Under Construction
Owner: Homes For Our Troops

Homes For Our Troops Residence

J&S Construction took a road trip south to join the national nonprofit organization Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) which recently kicked off the building of a specially adapted custom home for Marine SSgt Johnny Morris II and his family in Elberta, Ala.

Johnny joined the Marines as a heavy equipment mechanic and eventually switched specialties to explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). He deployed to Iraq in 2007 and then to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2011.

On July 2, 2011, during his third deployment, SSgt Morris was the EOD team leader on an improvised explosive device (IED) defeat mission in the Sangin River Valley, Afghanistan, when he stepped on an IED. SSgt Morris sustained severe damage to both his legs in the blast, including the traumatic amputation of his left foot.

J&S Construction is delighted to participate in the construction of our second HFOT project which will feature more than 40 major special modifications such as widened doorways for wheelchair access, a roll-in shower, and kitchen amenities such as pull-down shelving and lowered countertops. The home will alleviate mobility and safety issues associated with a traditional home, including having to navigate a wheelchair through narrow hallways and over thresholds or reaching for cabinets that are too high.

A customary design element included in HFOT homes, the 2,800 square-foot residence will be kept to one level to provide Johnny freedom and
independence during his day-to-day activities. A safe room with insulated concrete forms and emergency generator were also incorporated into the
custom build.

Home For Our Troops has built 353 homes since the organization’s inception in 2004. Homes For Our Troops relies on contributions from donors, supporters, and
corporate partners for the building of each veteran’s home.