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Location: Westmoreland, Tenn.
Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
Complete: August 2023
Owner: HOPE Family Health

HOPE Family Health

Founded in 2005 and located in Sumner and Macon Counties, HOPE Family Health is the only faith-based, nonprofit, Federally Qualified Health Center of its kind. The philanthropic group continuously seeks to improve access to medical and mental healthcare in rural areas and places an emphasis on vulnerable populations such as the uninsured, underinsured, poor, and homeless, children, migrant workers, and those addicted to substances.

As the costs of healthcare premiums continue to rise and many being forced to drop coverage, HOPE’s diligent staff has continued to find creative ways to integrate its medical health, mental health and pharmacy operations under one roof and within extremely tight quarters.

Funding was approved in 2022 to provide HOPE a new facility devoted solely to the company’s demanding administrative efforts. A request for proposal was drafted and sent to bidders in an effort to secure a Construction Management company that could help with drawing procurement and construction efforts.

Being a company that assists our clients with both design and construction needs, we decided to mention the Design-Build delivery method as an alternative to their original request. The information we provided briefly distinguished the benefits of the Design-Build process by highlighting a quicker path to construction and the significant savings that could be realized. HOPE agreed with our logic, decided to move forward with Design-Build, and within just a few weeks, the building was successfully designed and priced. The change in delivery method proved to successfully provide the space HOPE needed with pricing that came in under the stated budget.

The campus’ new addition includes three generous meeting areas, restrooms, a chapel, and fully equipped kitchen. The meeting rooms were also designed with the ability to be opened into one large meeting space to accommodate larger groups as needed.