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Location: Whites Creek, Tenn.
Size: 6,500 sq. ft.
Complete: September 2022
Owner: Workwear Outfitters

Workwear Outfitters Textile and Garment Analysis Center

Workwear Outfitters, formerly VF Imagewear and a leader in workwear apparel and footwear, has turned to J&S Construction’s versatile manufacturing experience for more than 15 various-sized projects at its Whites Creek facility, ranging from small restroom remodels to several building expansions, and now Workwear Outfitters’ very own, standalone, textile and garment analysis center.

The 6,500 square-foot building serves as both the company’s testing facility and truck maintenance site. This portion of Workwear Outfitters’ operation allows the company to stand behind all products it sells, using various fabric tests such as a wash cycle endurance procedure, flammability tests and color fastness trials, as well as different testing components for footwear products.

Considering the volatility of construction material pricing and availability during planning, J&S Construction proposed two options for our valued client. The first being a pre-engineered metal building, and the second option consisting of a metal framed structure with light gage metal trusses.

Both provided the client’s required clear span structure, but the light gage metal trusses had a much shorter lead time, allowing for a faster occupancy date. The cost difference on this size of building was negligible, so the quicker time frame of the light gage truss option was favored by the client.