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Location: Cookeville, Tenn.
Size: 13,200 sq. ft.
Complete: July 2022
Owner: EKAMOR Resource Corporation

EKAMOR Resource Corporation

EKAMOR Resource Corporation is a waste-to-product company that utilizes
municipal solid waste to create valuable energy and agricultural products. The
corporation’s new Cookeville facility is responsible for producing negative carbon fuels that are engineered to customer specifications from waste, and its proprietary non-thermal dewatering process changes solid waste management by creating a zero landfill solution.

J&S Construction collaborated with EKAMOR officials to design its new company
headquarters, located 1368 W. Broad Street, that is comprised of 13,200 square feet, with approximately 1,800 square feet being allotted for office and lab space for the site’s engineers and scientists.

The processing facility is built around a learning center where people of all ages are welcome to visit and see how the EKAMOR system actually turns waste materials into valuable resources. The learning center will also be used to train new employees, as well as being a show room for potential clients. For more information, visit