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Location: Watertown, Tenn.
Size: 7,100 sq. ft.
Complete: Under Construction
Owner: Round Lick Baptist Church

Round Lick Baptist Church

Round Lick Baptist Church has selected J&S Construction to complete a new project at its existing property in Watertown, Tenn. Work will include a 7,100 square-foot education wing that will tie into several existing structures.

The current campus is comprised of various buildings constructed in different time periods, and two of the buildings on campus are not conducive to further expansion. J&S Construction® will remove the two existing buildings which are growth prohibitive to make way for new construction that will accommodate future growth.

Major components of the project include demolition of two existing structures and construction of an education building that will consist of 13 classrooms and two restrooms. The addition will be situated between the existing Worship Building and Fellowship Hall. This proposed building will serve as a necessary transition space between the two existing buildings.

With the addition having to tie into two existing buildings, each of a different construction type and on different elevations, the project will face its own unique challenges. The elevation difference will not be visible from the outside of the new structure. This difference will be accounted for on the inside by using a combination of ramps and stairs. The ramped access between the buildings will ensure persons of all abilities will be able to access all parts of each facility.  

The new addition will also include a large concrete patio which will provide outdoor gathering space for everyone to enjoy.

Demolition begins in July, and all work is scheduled to be complete in 22 weeks.

Founded in 1803, Round Lick Baptist Church is situated in beautiful Wilson County, offering ministries to members of all ages. The church believes this project is a vital component to its continued growth. J&S Construction is proud to be part of the Team that helps prepare the congregation for the future.