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Kerr Wildlife Management Area Conference Center

Location: Hunt, Texas
Size: 4,433 sq. ft.
Complete: 2009
Owner: Texas Parks and Wildlife

When J&S Construction was contacted by Texas Parks and Wildlife to come assist them in a desperate time of need, we jumped at the chance to go lend a helping hand, packed our crew and headed west. The original contractor had walked away from this 4,433 square-foot project at the end of 2008, and it had remained unfinished for close to a year until J&S Construction was contacted directly through Texas P&W Department to complete the job starting in September of 2009.

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Pilot Program - Sonic

Location: Nashville, Tenn.
Size: 29,300 kwh projected
Complete: 2009
Owner: West Enterprises, LLC

This project was part of a renovation to an existing Sonic building, one of 16 Sonic remodels included in the state.

J&S Construction worked alongside the owner to design an install the solar panel system. This energy-efficient experience allowed J&S Construction to perform energy modeling and assist the owner with receiving state and federal grants to offset the costs.

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Freedom Plaza

Location: Cookeville, Tenn.
Size: 28,000 sq. ft.
Complete: 2008
Owner: South Willow Properties

Freedom Plaza was completed in November 2008, and was completed two weeks ahead of schedule. The 28,000 square-foot building features environmentally friendly attributes that reduced average gas heating costs during the first two winters of operation to less than $145 per month.

LEED Gold Certified

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Cameron Parish Revitalization

Location: Louisiana/Mississippi
Size: 42,612 sq. ft.
Complete: 2009
Owner: U.S. Department of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Services

This 42,612 square-foot project included design-build complexes consisting of maintenance buildings, storage facility, boat storage, visitor centers, bunk house, fire hall, renovation of existing office building and new office building.

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Hunter's Point Celebration Center

Location: Lebanon, Tenn.
Size: 13,645 sq.ft.
Complete: 2008
Owner: Hunter's Point Celebration Center

This 13,500 square-foot facility is located on 26 acres of land, off of Highway 231, in Lebanon, Tenn. It serves as a worship center, meeting space, classrooms and offices for the Hunter’s Point Celebration Center congregation and leadership. The facility also has a spacious welcome area featuring the Celebration Café coffee bar.

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