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Location: Clarksville, Tenn.
Size: 10,000 sq. ft.
Complete: Under Construction
Owner: Tylertown Church

Tylertown Church

J&S Construction worked closely with Living Hope Baptist Church, based in Clarksville, Tenn., to design its newest church plant, Tylertown Church. The new site, located off Tylertown Road, will serve a dual function as both a church and daycare. The proposed location is tucked within a residential community, creating a critical component to the design concept used. While many church buildings have open doors just one or two days a week, Tylertown Church will be available to serve surrounding families every day of the week.

As the church’s design-builder, J&S Construction was tasked to design a building that would meet multiple requirements. The church selected J&S Construction because they needed a project delivered within their established budget. Functionality was also a critical element when designing the facility. The building will need to serve as a place of worship on Sundays as well as operating as a child care facility throughout the week.

J&S Construction worked with the Building Committee to ensure the design of the building would blend well with the surrounding neighborhood and added several concepts found in some of the nearby homes.

The proposed 10,000 square-foot facility will be wood-framed construction with a mixture of Hardie siding and stone wainscot exterior with a shingle roof. A covered drop-off will be constructed on the front, giving the building added interest and curb appeal. The interior will boast 12’ ceilings throughout most of the facility and will have even taller ceilings in the Worship area. Some of the other interior spaces will include the Pastor’s office, a modern foyer, multi-function room, classrooms with large windows, kitchen, pantry, daycare office, resource room, closets and restrooms.

The project is expected to take approximately five months to complete from commencement. We are excited to have this new relationship with Living Hope Baptist Church and Tylertown Church and look forward to celebrating a successful completion in 2020.