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Letters of Recommendation
Letter 1
Location: Cookeville, Tenn.
Size: 25,757 sq. ft.
Complete: 2004
Owner: Steve Garrett

Cookeville Nissan

In 1988, J&S Construction built the first award-winning Nissan dealership on S. Willow Avenue. So, it was no surprise when previous Nissan owner, Steve Garrett, called J&S Construction to build the second award-winning Nissan Dealership.

The size of Nissan’s full-size trucks and SUVs is created the need for larger dealerships, as well, as attracting more customers.

The 25,757 square-foot facility located off Interstate Drive includes a showroom, offices, service area, body shop, kitchen and meeting rooms. The estimated 12 to 18-month completion schedule was finished in just eight months.

As Garrett began researching the details and costs of building a new dealership, he liked the plans Nissan provided, with the exception that he wanted a single-level design and did not have the time to walk through the approval process with Nissan’s corporate office. Fortunately, J&S Construction is a full-service, Design-Build team and was able to handle all of the details.

“J&S Construction went a step further than becoming the ‘middle man’ between me and Nissan’s corporate office,” said Garrett, who wanted to ensure he did not lose his building rebate from the corporate office. “They took the ball and ran with it, and I have a wonderful facility to show for it,” added Garrett.

“J&S Construction took pressure off of me and put it upon themselves to get the project right. In fact, Nissan’s national brand group said that it was the cleanest brand review (least amount of follow-up items) in the region. I am very proud of that and thankful to J&S Construction for the way they handled this project.”

By using the J&S Construction Design-Build team, Garrett saved over 25 percent in costs as compared to the Nissan low-bid projects.