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Location: Crossville, Tenn.
Size: 22,525 sq. ft.
Complete: February 2004
Owner: Physicians Associates'

Physicians' Associates

When the staff at Physicians Associates' of Crossville began making plans for a new building, they needed input from professionals in the construction industry. The architects and engineers of J&S Construction were able to offer the solution by way of a unique “pod” design that included retail space for three additional tenants.

This design allows for maximum space usage and time management, while promoting the overall wellness of patients. Instead of having all patients waiting in a large, overcrowded waiting room, the pod style medical facility promotes efficiency and patient wellness by using several smaller waiting areas in the middle of the main building that are directly adjacent to each of the patient exam rooms.

Individual doctor’s business offices and staff are also housed inside the pod. With this design, each doctor is essentially his or her own clinic inside the larger medical facility. This design ensures patients are exposed to fewer people during their visit; the chances of being exposed to anything contagious is less than a normal crowded waiting room like hospital emergency rooms.

Other tenants share the space in a wing adjacent to the main medical building. These relationships are ideal for the businesses involved and are also convenient for the Physicians Associates' clients. The design of this facility promotes good healthcare by promoting good health and smart business.

The final product is a beautiful building with a gorgeous interior that is warm, inviting, and customer-service oriented.

J&S Construction completed this $2.2 million Design-Build project in 2004.