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Location: Nashville, Tenn.
Size: 43,075 sq. ft.
Complete: April 2011
Owner: Private Owner

Private Hangar - Nashville International Airport (BNA)

This hangar is J&S Construction's second airplane hangar constructed at the Nashville International Airport (BNA) in Nashville, Tenn. J&S led the design-build team during construction of this 43,075 square-foot facility which consists of a 30,125 square-foot hangar, 12,950 square-foot office space, maintenance area, garage, kitchen, storage, conference rooms, fuel farm and 1,850 square feet of covered parking.

This hangar uses some of the same energy-efficient technologies as J&S Constructions’ first constructed hangar. A radiant floor heating system was installed which is a low-temperature system that uses the concrete floor slab as a radiator to deliver heat at the floor level. This system is designed to heat the occupants and objects in the space directly, and not the air in the space as a forced air system does, potentially providing significant energy savings over forced air systems.

A high-efficiency, hot water boiler and circulation pump were also used to heat the water and distribute it to the manifolds. Water distribution to each manifold is controlled using smaller zone pumps to provide additional zoning and temperature control based on occupant needs.

The hangar’s lighting system uses a control relay system by Lighting Control and Design. These controls are all low voltage (Cat-5) which allows for an infinite number of zones. The lights/zones are serviceable by a support team which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a weeks. The lights can also be turned on by use of cellphones.

The building is equipped with a roof-mounted, 45.2 kilowatt solar system that provides more than $10,000 per year in electrical production credit.